Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Abkraken - A Film Made by Neighbors

Phew!!! We did it! What fun.

Just the other day I blogged about a neighborhood film challenge with On My Block Films. It's been edited and submitted to the filmmaking challenge website and is now live on the On My BLock Vimeo Channel.

Even though I recently blogged about On My Block we had been planning our film for weeks. We had 6 people total involved, 1 dog and 2 businesses. Not quite the level of a Hollywood film production. Lucy Frend who is a unique clothing designer was the "Block Team Leader". She came up the abstract and creative storyline. Watch the film below.

"Abkraken" - Park Avenue / 97th-98th Street from On My Block Films on Vimeo.

My role was Director of Photography. I tackled all the filming technical issues. Like types of cameras we used how to get the look with various lenses and so on. To get the "point of view" look I opted for the Hero Camera. Lucy wore the head strap with the camera mount. I directed her on how to move with the camera on her head to give the best footage. We only used one other camera that was the new Nikon D800. An incredible camera the quality is by far astounding to the other DSLR's I've used for other films.

The editing process I was also involved in giving a tutorial in iMovie. Impressively Lucy was quite inventive using a scrubbing brush on a wood chair to give the sweeping sound of the guy sweeping the sidewalk. He's actually the owner of Guthrie's Inn.

The beauty of this project is NOT having to be a pro filmmaker. It's all about community... getting to know your neighbors. Through this film Lucy meet Kathy who is also from England. I got to be in front of the camera for once I was the bartender. As well as I got to pass on my expertise in filmmaking. We got to know the business owners. Myung of 97th Street Cleaner is an avid dog lover. So am I!!! It's amazing what we find out about one another through a fun project such as making a film.

Are you interested in making a film and getting to know your neighbors? Yea.... go on then.
Register to make a film with On My Block Films just CLICK HERE.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Calling all non-filmmakers & filmmakers - On My Block Films

911 Photography Project | Spencer Gordon | Photographer | Filmmaker
Although we live in a city of over 8 million people, a lot of us don’t even know our neighbors. When you’re not connected to the people living on the other side of the wall, it’s hard to have any sense of belonging within a community. “On My Block Films” ( OMB ) creates an opportunity for neighbors to introduce themselves, work together, and create trusting relationships through the collaborative filmmaking process. The films created will live on past the festival window as a source for community pride and as a living map of the world’s most creative city.

OMB encourages novice as well as professional filmmakers to participate. Our goal is to capture a wide spectrum of blocks throughout the five boroughs.
Beginning August 1, all eligible films will be posted and screened online from the time they are finished until November 1, 2012. The public will be able to vote on a film by liking it on Vimeo. The 30 films with the most Vimeo likes will move on to be judged by the Judging Panel the first week of November. The top-scoring 15 films will be screened at a physical outdoor festival in November. Awards will be presented to Best Narrative Film, Best Documentary Film and Best In Show.

I plan on doing a film something abstract and fun. Next door is my Tailor and I know the Bar owner. That's two people right there. Maybe I'll use my Hero camera... yea that sounds good. My creative ideas are flowing. Now I just have to get out there an meet my neighbors. Yea a bit unnerving but hey it will be fun. That's the whole point of the project, have fun and get to know your neighbors. What do have I to lose? Space on my external hard drive that's about it.

Lights, camera, action!!!

How about you? Interested? Of course you are... check out On My Block Films for more details.

Here's the OMB schedule:

Dates: August 1 – OMB will kick off.

August 1 through October 31 – Films will be shot, edited, uploaded to Vimeo.

August 1 through October 31 – Public Voting will be open.

November 6 – Judges Panel will vote.

November 17 – Top 15 films will be screened at On My Block Film Festival.

For more information