Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Governor Christie Breaks Guinness World Record

[photoshelter-img i_id="I0000bEVyWQY_NvY" buy="1" caption=" (Governor Christie holds the Guinness World Record Certificate)" width="600" height="418"]As the Guinness World Record official starts his GPS unit to measure the longest ribbon for a ceremonial ribbon cutting the weather is looming with threat of a down pour of rain. It's Memorial Day and despite the ominous weather outlook the holiday beach goers are out in full support of the opening of the New Jersey shore. Governor Chris Christie cut the Guinness World Record breaking 5.3 mile longest ribbon cutting signifying the start of a renewed summer season. [photoshelter-img i_id="I0000gI5ssVwgD34" buy="1" caption=" (Governor Christie cutting the worlds longest ribbon)" width="600" height="418"]

Seaside Heights was devastated by Hurricane Sandy and the community is working feverishly to reopen for the vitality of the New Jersey economy. The Jersey Shore generates approximately $40 billion dollars worth of revenue for the state. [photoshelter-img i_id="I0000tuWzPkoAb30" buy="1" caption=" (Funtown Pier in Seaside Heights washed away by Hurricane Sandy)" width="600" height="418"]

The Memorial Day festivities, despite the cold damp weather, drew 800 volunteers to hold the ribbon for the Today Show where Governor Christie cut the official Guinness World Record breaking longest ribbon.  Follow up by a live performance from the band FUN. [photoshelter-img i_id="I0000IIJ1H8pbAlM" buy="1" caption=" (FUN performs on the Today Show. Nate Ruess & Jack Antonoff )" width="600" height="418"]

The slideshow below shows all 412 images from the event plus the Guinness World Records official inspecting the ribbon to verify it's integrity.  Or go directly to the proof site by clicking on  

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