Friday, December 14, 2012

Spencer Gordon Shares Expert Aperture Tips at the Apple SOHO Store

Spencer Gordon Gives Expert Tip Using Aperture
Spencer Gordon will be sharing his expert tips using Aperture to create stop motion animation video.

Come to the Apple SOHO Store in New York on December 17th at 6pm.
103 Prince Street between Mercer St & Greene St in Manhattan
Apple SOHO Store

Spencer will share how he created the "What is Christmas?" music video, a single by Nadia Ackerman and Harvey Jones. You'll meet a professor from M.I.T. Bring your handkerchief you may even shed a tear.


What Is Christmas? Written By Nadia Ackerman and Harvey Jones
Original drawings by Nadia Ackerman
Stop animation music video by Spencer Gordon

See you on December 17th at 6pm!!!!

More info about the Apple SOHO Store event.

Apple Retail Store - SoHo.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Creating Stop Motion Animation Video with Aperture | Apple SOHO Store Dec. 17th at 6pm

Creating Stop Motion Animation with Aperture

Apple SOHO Store
December 17, 6:00pm

Come see how Spencer Gordon created a stop motion animation music video by Nadia Ackerman using Aperture in less than 19 days.

This presentation promises to be informative, pull on your heartstrings and provide a few chuckles.

More info:

What Is Christmas? - Nadia Ackerman | Spencer Gordon Stop Animation Video.