Friday, August 26, 2011

LYTRO - Killing the Professional Photographer?

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Photography is an ever evolving technology. From the onset of photography painters scoffed at photographers for the "ease" of replicating a scene. The debate back then was; is photography really an art form if all you do is push a button. Are you kidding me! Just dealing with the toxic film and processing is in itself an art form. Painters strived to replicate a scene as close to reality as possible, when photography did just that, ticking off a few people.

Fast forward to LYTRO's anticipated technological release, yet another reason for photography purists to grumble and moan. I too am a lover of traditional photography however; I embrace technological advancements and use them everyday in my business. Think about it, auto exposure, auto focus, auto white balance, imagine the first motor drive to advance film. LYTRO's 'light field' technology won't be the last invention.

My one concern is the ever growing saturation of newbie photographers. While technology advances the newbie's skill level has not, they have missed the actual backbone of photography. Technology is making it easier for the "newbie" to be perceived as a photographer thereby diminishing the value of the professional photographer. Professional photographers are masters at lighting, composition, in camera image solutions and production experience. Are professional photographers a dying breed?

I look forward to the LYTRO camera technology. It will only enhance the skills of all photographers, more so for the pros. As I stated in a previous post not focusing on focus allows the photographer to give their full attention on the composition and the moment. For the newbie of the newbies for them the term of "focus" will almost be extinct.

Not Focusing Is The Future? The Lytro Camera -

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Could Lytro Squeeze into the DSLR Market?

New York Freelance Commercial Photographer | Filmmaker | People | Interiors | Spencer Gordon

The much anticipated LYTRO camera has everyone talking, and the questions buzzing are; will LYTRO come out with it’s own DSLR. As in the article by TechRadar Shoot first, focus later camera explained. TechRadar gives us the usual information about the LYTRO camera, then poses the DSLR question toward the end of the article.

Could LYTRO squeeze into the DSLR market? For LYTRO that might not be the wisest move. I predict once the LYTRO technology is proven in the consumer market, LYTRO will then either license the technology or be bought outright. With the established big camera makers battling it out for market share, I believe, Nikon is perched to sling shot itself past Canon and the others. Since Canon has dominated the hybrid camera market for the last couple of years, Nikon may be the sleeping giant finally ready to wake up.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art Installation

San Diego based agency Vitro created this shadow art installation using 3000 real-life Newcastle Brown Ale bottle caps. This video shows how the two New York shadow artists created this large scale public art piece. The 28 square foot shadow sculpture displays as an unusual looking billboard by day but transforms by night to reveal this striking image.

A brilliant use of light and shadow. Sometimes a simple effect is the best visual.

via Newcastle Brown Ale: Shadow Art Installation | Digital Buzz Blog.
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

London Riot's Cause Levi's to Hold UK Campaign

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Here's an idea -

With the marketing dollars / pounds that Levi's would have put into their recent campaign in London. They would get more "wear" out of their brand if Levi's put that money into helping to repair the communities affected by the riots. In an article by Advertising Age, Levi's traveled to 13 countries just to do research for their latest video. The amount of money that went into just the billable hours of research and travel for the ad campaign in it's self would be a nice start.

Levi's could even do a documentary style marketing piece on the "Rebuilding Of" much potential. It's would be a WIN WIN for Levi's and the London riot victims.

Imagine the press and word of mouth. This would far out way any print, outdoor or social media ad video marketing.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Lytro's First Fashion Shoot Falls Short

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Lytro's first fashion shoot. Falls a bit short in concept and quality of the imagery.

The concept of select focus is brilliant! However in the fashion world 93.33%* of the time the focus is going to be on the model. Since I can already control my depth-of-field in camera, then I really have no need to refocus the image later.

With that said looking at the examples given from this test fashion shoot** I think it would have been best to use multiple models in the same shot. Allowing the viewer to focus on the subject of their choice. Or perhaps worked a prop product into the shot like a car or a handbag. Toggling between the model and product being in the foreground or background is a more effective concept. The power of telling a story in the image is just waiting to be created.

Ahhh!!! I have so many ideas for this camera and technology. Let me have a crack at this thing.

*Number was scientifically constructed by a team of braincells in the right hemisphere of my brain. Used for dramatization only.

**I also realize this was a test shoot and I'm sure Lytro / Coco was working under strict budgetary constraints.