Friday, August 26, 2011

LYTRO - Killing the Professional Photographer?

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Photography is an ever evolving technology. From the onset of photography painters scoffed at photographers for the "ease" of replicating a scene. The debate back then was; is photography really an art form if all you do is push a button. Are you kidding me! Just dealing with the toxic film and processing is in itself an art form. Painters strived to replicate a scene as close to reality as possible, when photography did just that, ticking off a few people.

Fast forward to LYTRO's anticipated technological release, yet another reason for photography purists to grumble and moan. I too am a lover of traditional photography however; I embrace technological advancements and use them everyday in my business. Think about it, auto exposure, auto focus, auto white balance, imagine the first motor drive to advance film. LYTRO's 'light field' technology won't be the last invention.

My one concern is the ever growing saturation of newbie photographers. While technology advances the newbie's skill level has not, they have missed the actual backbone of photography. Technology is making it easier for the "newbie" to be perceived as a photographer thereby diminishing the value of the professional photographer. Professional photographers are masters at lighting, composition, in camera image solutions and production experience. Are professional photographers a dying breed?

I look forward to the LYTRO camera technology. It will only enhance the skills of all photographers, more so for the pros. As I stated in a previous post not focusing on focus allows the photographer to give their full attention on the composition and the moment. For the newbie of the newbies for them the term of "focus" will almost be extinct.

Not Focusing Is The Future? The Lytro Camera -

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