Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Could Lytro Squeeze into the DSLR Market?

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The much anticipated LYTRO camera has everyone talking, and the questions buzzing are; will LYTRO come out with it’s own DSLR. As in the article by TechRadar Shoot first, focus later camera explained. TechRadar gives us the usual information about the LYTRO camera, then poses the DSLR question toward the end of the article.

Could LYTRO squeeze into the DSLR market? For LYTRO that might not be the wisest move. I predict once the LYTRO technology is proven in the consumer market, LYTRO will then either license the technology or be bought outright. With the established big camera makers battling it out for market share, I believe, Nikon is perched to sling shot itself past Canon and the others. Since Canon has dominated the hybrid camera market for the last couple of years, Nikon may be the sleeping giant finally ready to wake up.

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