Friday, April 6, 2012

Underground Music Video - Nadia Ackerman

Nadia came to me to create a video for a recent song called "Underground" from her new album Ocean Master released via Spectra Records. We worked on some concepts for the shoot and had a solid storyboard. During the shoot I came up with a technique that Nadia absolutely loved. The film technique took the music video in a whole new direction and inspired the final cut video.

It amazes me that even a clear vision of direction can always be altered.

Filmed By Spencer Gordon
Produced and directed by Spencer Gordon and Nadia Ackerman
Makeup By Esma May
Music and Lyrics Written by Nadia Ackerman
From "The Ocean Master" - Spectra Records 2012
Nadia Ackerman - Vocals and Piano
Harvey Jones - Synthesizer
Jon Ossman - Bass
Produced By Harvey Jones

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