Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Under Going - Hope, Strength and Love - Documentary Film

The Sydney portion of the tour was amazing! From radio interviews to raising money for a little girl named Natasha that has leukemia, live gigs to a presentation at the TDP with kids about being a singer.

On top of the whole tour there has been another side of the story. 20 years ago Nadia's father passed away. But his presence is still evident through various signs. We've had some magical occurrences let me tell you about one in particular. On June 18th Nadia and her family picked up her father's ashes from the cemetery. On this gorgeous crystal clear sunny day they scattered his ashes out to sea. I was filming from a respectful distance on the beach to give the family privacy. I had wired Nadia for sound to help capture the emotion and story. The power of the moment unfolding swept us all away to tears. I had to remove my earphones when I heard Ben, the brother, mention "I wish he was here so he could have met my kids."

Alright..... back to the magical occurence. So after the scattering of the ashes we all went for fish & chips at the Newport Arms. A beautiful serene setting for such an emotionally charged day. As we are getting out of the car at the Newport Arms parking lot Nadia asks her father for one more sign. (By the way we've had other signs along the way during this trip.) Nadia and her family are enjoying their lunch reminiscing about various stories of her father.... laughing and smiling. All of the sudden Nadia's friend Kate looks up into the sky and notices the word HOPE written in the clear blue sky. None of us heard a plane perform this acrobatic script maneuver.

The meaning of Nadia's name is HOPE.
The meaning of Nadia's name is HOPE.

Here is a small clip of the song "In The Middle Of My Chest." from the show at Blue Beat.

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For more information:
TDP = Talent Development Project
Nadia Ackerman

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