Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Creating Stop Motion Animation Video with Aperture

Creating stop motion animation video with Aperture is fun and easy. "But Aperture is a digital asset management program not a video editing program." you might say. Well you're right however the slideshow feature in Aperture is a simple yet powerful tool that I used to create a stop motion animation music video. How do like them apples?
"The slideshow feature is key."

See… the slideshow feature of Aperture allows you to adjust individual images for almost any specific time you set to show a frame or group of frames. This is perfect for timing the frames of the video so the stop motion animation will move with the beat of the music. Transitions can also be used between frames which will give a different feel and effect to your video.
"Make some popcorn and check out the presentation."

Wanna learn the details...? Watch the Keynote presentation below.

Stop Motion Animation Music Video Using Aperture Presentation from Spencer Gordon on Vimeo.

Or watch the actual presentation from the New York Apple SOHO Theatre it's in two parts. Yea YouTube only let's me upload 15mins at a time.

Part 1

Part 2

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