Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tripod Pt. 1 - What & Why

The basics about a tripod, what is it and why would you want to use a tripod. 


  1. Thanks, I enjoyed your video. I hope you do one on lighting. I built a white foam-core light box to photograph greeting cards. I still can't figure out where to point the light and how many lights do I really need. I'll be watching for more tips.

  2. @1CardCreator Thanks for watching the video. Lighting is going to be my next topic!

    Building your own foam-core light box..... THUMBS UP! What do you have on the front of the box? White plexi, 1 stop silk, white vellum.....?

    Greeting cards you can definitely do that with one light. Try placing an 11 x 14 sized white fill card ( foam-core will work ) on the opposite side of the card from your light. This will soften any shadows and actually brighten the overall shot. Keep in mind the closer or farther the fill card is to the subject will determine how much fill the subject will get from the fill card.

    Keep shooting!