Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Dead Exs - All Over You - Couch by Couchwest

The concept about this video for The Dead Exs was getting it all in one take. The singer, David Patillo, originally wanted to do a dry run without video for the first take however I stated that I'm gonna roll video because you never know that take may be the ONE. We did 7 takes and guess what? The first take, the rehearsal run was the one that made the cut.

We submitted the video to Couch by Couchwest. CXCW is the slackers alternative to SXSW. During the week of March 11-18, 2012 musicians from around the world submit videos recorded on a couch, porch, bathroom…anywhere but the stage…for our enjoyment from the comfort of our living rooms. All in hopes to bring together as many people as possible who are stuck home while all their friends are stuck in the crowds of Austin, TX. So crack open a beer, crank up the volume, and enjoy the couch!

By the end of the CXCW week The Dead Exs video was the 4th most viewed! YAY!

The Dead Exs perform "All Over You" from the album Resurrection.
David Pattillo - guitar, vox
Wylie Wirth - drums
Spencer Gordon - film & edit

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