Friday, April 18, 2014

FREE Friday Photography | Video

FREE Friday Photography | Video!!!!! You've read that right you don't need your eyes checked.

What is it? Free Friday is once a month "give back day" by Spencer Gordon where he is waiving his photography or video fee to help out a creative project that needs professional quality imagery.

Why are you doing this offer? Ultimately it's to help out those who need professional visual solutions but can't afford it. As a photographer - filmmaker Gordon hears disappointed stories all the time when someone uses a 'friend' or an 'aspiring photographer' to create their imagery. "Ugh it pains me!  You have one chance to grab someone's attention and make an impression. Your imagery is that opportunity." says Spencer.  In addition this is Spencer's way of giving back to the community.

Where does the shoot take place? At Spencer's studio in the heart of DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY. Or on location depending on the production and concept of the shoot.

How do I get my project selected?* Are you a small business, musician or creative? Here are the various categories that will be considered:  conceptual, music video, promotional video, still-life, product shot, lifestyle portrait, food… and more. Contact Spencer via email
 briefly outlining your creative project / idea.

Samples of past projects:

Conceptual Photography:  This was shot for a scientist who was submitting a research study about "corn gas" as a source of fuel.

Spencer Gordon - Corn Gas
Promotional video:  A specialty store dealing in French vintage furniture wanted to create something fun to catch potential client's attention.

Fashion Photography:  Unique and one of kind tops created by a new designer's for their website.

Spencer Gordon - Milana - Lucy Frend


Still-life Photography:  A menswear accessory and home retail shop creating a Father's Day promo.

Spencer Gordon - Modern Anthology Still Life

Contact Spencer today. Come on let's create something!

*Projects are subject to limitations.  Full details are available as per creative project that is presented.

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