Friday, April 25, 2014

Official Music Video for Blow Up Hollywood - "Five"

Official music video for Blow Up Hollywood - "Five"

Film & Edit by Spencer Gordon

This music video was 2 years in the making. Why so long? Blow Up Hollywood was in no rush and Steve Messina the lead singer was determined to have a video he loved. "Five" is part of their album called Blue Sky Blond which is officially releasing in the next couple of weeks in 2014.

The imagery concept originated with a sweet little 5 yr old girl. We filmed a day and a life of this playful girl letting her be… her. As Steve and I worked through the editing process I asked him about the meaning of the lyrics. The song is about the reflections of an adult looking back at their life and remembering what it was like when they were 5 years old. That's when I pitched the idea of filmming Milana Naumenko as the adult version of the young child.

Using this new footage in the edit I overlapped these two lives to co-exist in a past and present concept. The great thing about working with Steve is he really let's you develop the imagery. I've always liked working in an abstract way. There are no restrictions. Many of times when shooting for corporate clients there is a script to follow and of course there is a purpose for that type of video. Working in a non-linear way pushes the creative side of my filmmaking process.

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