Tuesday, October 25, 2011

LYTRO's Release Date Is Missing Out.

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Looks like Lytro is not going to release it's much anticipated camera for market until early next year! What a waste of the PR momentum built up over the past few months, along with potential holiday sales. Lytro will also be missing out on the actual field testing from all the anxiously awaiting photography consumers. That is priceless R&D info folks.

One reason to hold the product from market could be that Dr. Ng, founder and CEO of Lytro, uncovered a serious flaw in the Lytro camera functionality. Maybe manufacturing glitches are unable to produce enough stock for the demand? We could go on and on. Other than that release the darn camera, run out of stock... the buzz will just create more desire. Come on Lytro we want to take this camera for a test drive!

A recent post from the NY Times.

Yeah I'm off on the release date for LYTRO, here is my previous post. I'll admit it, I can't be right all the time.

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