Tuesday, October 4, 2011

LYTRO - Will It Be A Fad?

Lytro | Spencer Gordon | Photographer | Filmmaker
The Lytro's technology is going to be an enormous leap forward in the digital imaging world.

Some are questioning is this just a fad. A fad I think not..... Lytro is laying down the stepping stone towards another technological advancement, something along the lines of what we saw in Star Wars as kids. The much anticipated advancement will not only lend itself to 3D imaging it will also be the beginning of...... wait for it. Holographic imagery, that's a ways down the road for the moment. The consumer market is not fully ready for the hologram.

I for one am looking forward to the new light field technology. Bring it on! Not having to focus allows me to "focus" on what is occurring in the moment.

Be ready. The Lytro Camera release is fast approaching. As I stated in a post in July I believe the release date will be later this month.

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