Tuesday, February 14, 2012

East Yorkshire - Winter Countryside

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The countryside in the East Yorkshire is amazing! Quiet, serene and peaceful. I stayed in a village called Kilham. A quaint English village that has a convenience store, 2 pubs, fine art gallery, post office, butcher and a church all nestled inside of 2 blocks. The village is surrounded by farmland. One of the farmers even has an honor system produce stand. The brussels sprouts on the stalks were only 1 pound per stalk!

Walking through one of the fields we came across a cabbage field. They looked like purple brains in the snow.... a little eerie in the still quiet country cold air.

Also in the slideshow are a two shots of Bridlington Beach. My favorite shot is of the colorful changing bath houses.

The slideshow above if you click on an image it will take you directly to that shot on my website. All images are available for download.

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