Thursday, June 23, 2011

Barter with the Band

Nadia Ackerman
Bartering can be a great way to not only get what you need, but to make new connections that may lead to new business opportunities.

Nadia Ackerman, an amazing singer songwriter, is seen in the shot above with her band. I needed a custom music piece for a fun magical silent film I did for 145 Antiques, Nadia needed the shot for some upcoming gig promotions. We did this shot in a matter of minutes… literally.

Nadia’s band was rehearsing at Euphoria Studios in NYC. The objective was to photograph the entire group, however, there was not enough room in the rehearsal space. Meanwhile a band was gathering outside the studio door to use the space when Nadia’s rehearsal ended. I asked David Sokol, the owner of Euphoria, if I could shoot the band in the lobby, without even looking at me he said “NO”. I waited a little while as David and his manager were busy turning over some of the other rehearsal spaces. As things calmed down I asked David again if I could shoot in the lobby, once again he said,“NO”, proceeding to point to photographs on the walls that he didn’t want included in my shot. I stated that I was going to get the band to lay on the floor for the shot which would not include the photographs, David then said he’d have to approve the shot, so I said “Ok”.

As I begin to set up my camera and the one Nikon SB900 speedlight needed for the shot, David is observing my set up and talking to me about his photography. Nadia’s band walk out of their rehearsal space. The elevator doors open and another band walk into the lobby and shuffles past us into another rehearsal space, the lobby is now quite crowded. I explain the shot to the band and they get into position quickly. I start shooting while David is still talking and asking questions, and the elevator doors open again to spill out yet more people, but Nadia’s band is laying on the floor in front of the elevators so they can’t get out. I’m giving direction to the band to run through various facial expressions, and in two minutes we had it! PHEW! Nadia’s band get up from the floor smiling, laughing, and poking fun at each other. David asks to see the shot on the
camera and said, “that was a great idea for a group shot.”

If you want to hear the music that Harvey Jones and Nadia did for my silent film click HERE to see some Magic.

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