Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bikes Bikes and more Bikes

Recently I did a shoot for a really cool bike company called Bike By Me. Bike By Me, a Swedish based company, has a great interactive website where the user actually customizes their bikes' color. The plan for the shot is to be on the company's website as a rollover interactive image and when the user clicks on a particular bike that bikes' color combination is prepared for you automatically.

Johan, the owner of Bike By Me, contacted me about photographing his bikes. His goal was to show his bikes in a New York City setting. Bike By Me was going to be attending the New Amsterdam Bike Show and they were very excited about their USA debut. Johan and I had brainstormed some ideas via Skype before his arrival in NYC and we came up with a playful concept using an iconic NY background out in DUMBO near my studio.

We shot 20+ bikes on location in all kinds of wacky situations. It was crazy and fun all at the same time. Hustling bikes in and out of the shot because after a bike was shot it had to be broken down and packed in it's box to be shipped to Sweden. We made it in the nick of time cause the shipping company truck that was picking up the bikes right from the Brooklyn Bridge Park location arrived as we place the last bike in it's box. Johan's team: Renee, Negar, Fran and Jens worked like a well oiled machine.

Here's a shot of all of us at the end of the shoot. I was run over by bikes!!!
[caption id="attachment_285" align="aligncenter" width="590" caption="Running over Spencer the photographer!"][/caption]

Click HERE to read the article about Bike By Me's exhibit at the New Amsterdam Bike Show.

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