Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Portfolio Review Days - Conclusion

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Last week I attend the NYC Fotoworks Portfolio Review. So with the launch of the new website I wanted to get some quality creative feedback about what works and what doesn't. Now there is one thing we need to remember when getting any feedback about our art. Someone's critic is subjective. The key is in the listening... For example one creative told me my "work is too diverse", while another creative told me they "like the diversity of my work". However the first creative told me I needed to "tighten up the work I am showing", while the second creative told me I "need to narrow down my work to my strongest pieces of work". From this example I will continue to show my diversity and I will re-edit my portfolios down to the best of the best.

Always follow your vision listening to the world around you. If one person calls your work "a dog" you can generally dismiss that comment so keep wagging your tail. If two people call your work "a dog" start sniffing around for poop. If three people call your work "a dog" then you better start barking.

Thank you to all the creatives that took the time to meet with me:
Smart Magna - Michael Moore
Barron's - Adrian DeLucca, Photo Editor
Giorgio Baravalle of de.MO
Wonderful Machine - Sean Stone
Lucky Magazine - James Morris, Director of Photography
Freelance Editor - Paula Trotto
Clare O Dea - Agency

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