Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lytro - Pros & Cons

Last week I raised the question is "Photography Going To Change Forever?". Writing about the company Lytro creating a breakthrough new technology using a microlens array is stirring a buzz amongst the photography world. With 50 million in start up capital and recruiting a 45-person staff from top companies such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, Intel and Sun Microsystems. It appears that Lytro could be on to something.

Lytro is developing a point-n-shoot camera comparable to the those made by Canon and Nikon with a rumored price point of a few hundred dollars. In conjunction with the camera you will need the sophisticated software to decipher this new light field "Living Images" and to use the unique select focusing feature.

PROS: about the technology:
- NO lag time with the shutter release
- NO concern about where you are focusing cause you don't have to
- 2D or 3D imaging capture
- Images are interactive
- Video capable
- Hologram capable

CONS: about the technology:
I base this upon the Lytro Picture Gallery
- It appears there are only 2 focal planes
- Some shots do not have an authentic depth of field characteristic.
- I am seeing some pixelation in some of the shots. Possible output quality issues
- To get the full effect of the "living image" users will have to compose their images differently. Most people take a rather flat 2D composed image meaning their subjects are mostly on the same focal plane.

There has not been a release date set for the camera. However, will the images live up to the hype of the technology? For me I want see this baby ( camera ) in action! Lytro, get it in my hands!

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