Friday, July 1, 2011

Beware of Mack Carthy - Scam - Con

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Emails from a Mack Carthy are a scam. This person is allegedly having a wedding in Denver, CO.

I got an email earlier this week asking if I would provide a quote to shoot a 100 person wedding in Denver. I could tell by the wording that the person was up to something. We have all seen enough of these spam, con, scam emails to spot a fake right away. I responded to the email asking "where did you find me?". They responded by saying they found me on Photoserve. If you want a wedding photographer you are most likely not going to be looking on a commercial photographer site like Photoserve.

After a quick search on the internet I found another photographer who blogged about the same person, Marco Garcia Photography. Marco thanks for your post. This is one way we can limit the scam artists and protect other trusting people who might fall for a scam. Yeah this guy will probably change his a.k.a but it is up to us to police the internet we just have to be persistent.

Scams - are a waste of our time!!! If I wasted your time with this post I apologize..... now back to our scheduled programming.


  1. Yes this Mack Carthy fellow is surely a smart cookie. His scam was not the usual "my uncle's a prince in Botswana and we like to move $6 million into your bank account" scam. Its fairly sophisticated using genuine web searches to find photographers who are advertising.

    As we advertise for the world's editors and art directors to find us, we also leave ourselves open to the rest of the globe. Anyone in a dingy dark internet cafe can find either Mr. Gordon or myself with just a quick binggoogleyahoo. its just that simple. But to think of a wedding scam...very very sharp.

  2. Thanks guys for posting this, I knew the emails sounded weird .... glad I never sent an estimate. ;-)

  3. Cool.
    Glad it saved you the time and hassle.