Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Foundations of a Working Photographer

Full course available at http://www.creativelive.com/courses/zack-arias-again

Want to be a good photographer? Want to do it for a living? Want to rise above the bottom?

Zack's first workshop was all about studio lighting. This time around, he's covering what you need to know to be a professional working photographer. Many people requested a class about business. Many requested natural light. Plenty wanted strobe + ambient. Everyone wanted more "client interaction" and posing guidelines. Zack's digging deep and covering as much as he can.
Spencer Gordon | Photographer | Filmmaker | Specializing in People, Interior and Lifestyle
Listen closely to see if photography is a fit for you. I too started out like Zack in the film era of photography. I am so thankful to have the film / technical aspects of photography as my knowledge base. It has been over the last few years that professional photographers have really stepped up their education of new photographers. The is very important because educating the younger photographers will not only improve their photography skills it will improve the value of a good photographer to express ideas visually.

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