Monday, November 14, 2011

Review of the LYTRO Camera

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I've been watching LYTRO from almost the beginning. The technology sounds great... in theory. However seeing the actual specs that this camera will output - to me it's now a gimmick. Here's why:

- LYTRO has their own software to manage the images. If you don't use their software then the actual file the camera outputs is only 1080 x 1080... not that big.

- Want the focus "later" feature in an App form. Well your device will first have to be fitted with Light Field Sensor in them first. Phhhhish... that will not happen. The sensor and the optics are completely different to that of the sensor that is currently your digital gadgets.

- The LYTRO camera will fail in a low lighting situation, anticipate a noisy digital file. Forcing you to shoot mainly during the day. Which means the camera will color correct for daylight, however photography in it's self is based on that color temperature already. Sad really selecting a different color temperature can create some cool effects to your imagery.

- Another note about low light situations, the camera does not have or accept flash accessories and really with that said you are mainly shooting outside during the day. What about night time shots with friends... lots of missed memories.

Look this camera's technology has the potential to shift digital photography as we know it. However the design of the camera is limiting the technology. For the price tag of $399 that is a bit steep for a gimmick camera. Consider this for $450 you can buy the top of the line point and shoot that creates high resolution RAW images, HD video, has a flash, ISO adjustments for low light, self timer, panoramic stitch capability.... come on man I could go on and on.

Ohh and by the way. The 1st generation of any new technology learns a lot of it's short comings when it gets in the consumers hands.

The bottom line... the skinny are you ready... pass on this gadget for now.

More info read this CNET article

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