Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Samsung vs Apple: The NextBigThing Is A Flop

[caption id="attachment_1116" align="aligncenter" width="404" caption="This guy looks unimpressed and bored with the Samsung phone while the guy behind him is more interested in his iPhone!!!"]Spencer Gordon | Photographer | Filmmaker | Specializing in People, Interior and Lifestyle[/caption]
I'm sorry... NO, I'm not...this ad is CRAP. There I said it! Yeah that's right I've got the cojones to step up and say something.

The reason people wait "9 hours" for the iPhone is because that bloody thing is awesome! I can deposit checks directly to my bank account, book a Zipcar, get subway information with directions and times, touch a date and time in my email and it automatically gets put in my calendar, voice command multiple features on the phone.... jeez I could go on and ON. The only thing that Samsung toted in TheNextBigThing was the screen is bigger. Whoooooptieee Freaking Doooo!

Note to Samsung if you want to persuade potential customers to come buy your product show them what they are missing. Create a feeling... you want your customer to say... "COOL." I do not hear any of my iPhone friends complaining about the size of their screen. If I wanted a bigger screen I'd get an iPad.

Look I get that Samsung is trying to capitalize in the smartphone arena and piggy backing on the iPhone is gonna drive some traffic to your product. The problem is Samsung hired the wrong creative team. Yes, I get the Samsung phone is iPhone like but ultimately Samsung needs to set itself apart and blaze a trail that get people to go "WOW I want one". Well Samsung..... ya didn't.

You can watch the ad by clicking on the link below if you got a minute to kill.

Samsung Vs Apple: The NextBigThing Ad | Digital Buzz Blog.

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